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A little something I sketched after reading Maybe You Have Your Reasons which Dani wrote for my bday - thank you so much, darling ♥

"Promise me, Derek. Promise me you won’t let it hurt anyone else."

It was long past midnight when he had finally departed the slowly dwindling festivities of his host for the comforts of his bedchamber, like many of his fellow guests. He hadn't been quite tired, merely somewhat bored. The night's entertainment ceasing to be of amusement.
from Anonymous

Not nearly enough chaos he had surmised. Certainly there had been a few things that had brought a smirk to his face, a chuckle from his lips. Like the particularly drunken nobleman (of who’s name he really hadn’t cared to remember) that had groped the other nobleman’s wife. Which resulted in quite a few heated words, and then laughter. Much to his disappointment.

In the end he had grown bored and really saw no point in gracing their presence further, so instead decided it was high time to return to his allotted chambers, preferably with a paramour, or two, in tow. He had gotten his wish, but unfortunately only one. A pretty little blushing and nervously giggling blond thing. He couldn’t quite recall her name, but she was a daughter of a duke, or at least as far as he could remember. Either way it mattered not.

Flickering flames from fat tallow candles produced great leaping shadows that danced and pranced about the room and across the pale, goose pimpled skin of the young girl. Dark, almost cold eyes drunk in her appearance. From the freed tumbling curls of her blond hair, to her toes as they curled against the carpet beneath his scrutiny. Slowly he raised his hands to her bare shoulders, resting them there as he lent in, his actions prompting a shiver of anticipation.

His lips ghosted against her own and just as she shut her eyes a loud knock sounded from the door. The girl huffed and Set let out his own disdainful groan. ”What is it?” His question was left unanswered. However the door slowly opened and from behind it came a woman clutching a candle within one hand.

”Oh, my apologies. I did not intend to disturb.” The tone of her voice gave no hint of her being earnestly apologetic, rather it was laced with amusement. ”You may leave us.” She then addressed the young girl, stepping slightly to the side to enable her passage through the door.

For a moment the girl stared in shock, shifting her gaze from the woman and then to Set, as if pleading for him to let her stay. In the end she did leave, grabbing her discarded clothing, hurrying out past the new comer and shutting the large old doors behind herself.

”Now who do you think… Morrigan?” An impish smirk tugged at the corners of the woman’s lips as she curtsied, inclining her head in greeting. ”Long time no see, Set my dear.” Carefully she sat the candle within her grasp upon a nearby table before advancing towards him, her steps slow, graceful, yet calculated. Set watched his fellow god, a rather unamused frown quickly gracing his features. ”Was it really necessary to send her off?”

”Of course. I would not be able to talk with you otherwise.” She stopped a few inches before him and cocked her head as bright, almost otherworldly blue eyes took in every part of him. ”I see you are near fully dressed, yet that girl was all the way down to her small clothes. Ever the sly one.” He huffed in displeasure at her words, bottom lip protruding in a pout before making way to a wolfish smile. ”We could always continue where she and I left off?”

A chuckle bubbled from Morrigan’s lips then, dark locks fluttering as she shook her head. ”I would not allow you her, so you settle for me? I do not think so.” He huffed once more. ”I did not mean it as such, you ever love twisting my words.” She nodded, leaning in to give his cheek a mocking pat. ”I do love it so. It brings me much amusement to rile you up.”

Before she could withdraw her hand, he seized her wrist in a near iron like grip, bringing it up to his lips to plant a kiss on the pale skin, smirking darkly up at her all the while.

”I believe I had forgotten just how cheeky you are.” A faint smile danced upon her lips as she stared down at him, her free hand finding it’s way to his chest. Long fingers tip-toed their way up to his pectoral and then began to press until Morrigan had forced Set onto the edge of the bed. ”You are proving distracting, Set dear.”

”Oh but I enjoy distracting you.” He grinned, tugging on her wrist to pull her closer to him till she needed to use himself and the bed as support in order to stay stood upright. ”Surely whatever you wish to discuss with me can wait for the morrow?” For a moment or two she was silent, blue eyes flickering upward as she considered his words. ”I suppose you are right, it can wait for the morrow.”

The smile upon his lips widened. He had triumphed. ”Goodnight, Set dear.” Or not. His smile fell as Morrigan placed a tender kiss upon his brow before withdrawing from him, somehow having gotten free from his grip. Turning away she strode off and retrieved her candle. One last time she inclined her head to him, before slipping off out the door and into the night and leaving Set very, very frustrated.

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Everyone stop for a second and look at this amazing picture

I’ve had people draw me before [lolmyexwasanartistandstuff]

But I have never seen a drawing of myself where I just went ‘omg this is so gorgeous I could cry and giggle and squeal and smile’ because honestly, you got my smile Katt. And you got the way my eyes light up, cuz I’ve seen it in the pictures where I let my guard down and I am honestly.

Blown away by how talented you are.

And how amazingly loving and wonderful and sweet you are and I wish I knew you in real life cuz you would be gahd, you would be one of my truest best friends because every word and every thing you do I simply adore.

This has to be one the most amazing things I’ve ever gotten and I am just floored

by everything

and that you feel that way

and I just



Katt you are so flawless

let me love you.

Seriously you are one of the most amazing artists I’ve ever know and one of the sweetest and funniest girls I cannot even begin…

I talk to you and I miss you because I really do care

I pray for you and think of you when the world seems a little dull and I think of Katt and things get bright again

I’m happy I don’t scare you because I’ve had several people tell me I intimidate them

so to know this…

I am just…

…thank you

so many thank yous

I cannot begin to count them