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Dylan O’Brien in the Season Four Sneak Peek


coltonlhaynesFinally found this! Teen Wolf season 1 Cast goes rock climbin…Holland breaks her neck…only Crystal helps her pt.1

Holland on finding out about Allison’s death. 
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Tyler and Holland doing impressions of one another

  • me: hey i like this thing it's pretty cool
  • tumblr: here's a list of 247 reasons with 2 paragraphs each on why that thing is awful and you need to stop enjoying yourself
  • me: oh wow I had no idea. thank you for bringing this to my attention. while I do recognize that the things you listed are problematic, it does not change the fact that I still like it because I realize that liking things that have problematic elements (as most things do) is not necessarily a reflection on my character and personal enjoyment. moreover, knowing this will help me to recognize problematic elements in other things, allowing me make better and more informed choices in the media that I choose to habituate in the future



I’m laughing so hard because this is Holland and Hoechlin’s faces right after Sterek is mentioned.


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okmagazine: After a fun chat with Tyler Posey, Holland Roden and Tyler Hoechlin of Teen Wolf, the funny threesome took this selfie just for us. It’s a little bit blurry, but that’s probably because the camera just couldn’t tolerate all that hotness in just one pic.

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Holland Roden as young Emily Locke in LOST